Sunday, September 09, 2007

Y Gallery, Augusto Yayiko, The Queens Council on the Arts present “Dusting Off the Pink Glass Swan”

Dusting Off the Pink Glass Swan
Group exhibition as part of PROJECT DIVERSITY QUEENS
September 9th to October 7th, 2007
Reception for the artists: Sunday, September 9, from 6-9 pm

Y Gallery and Augusto Yayiko are honored to collaborate with The Queens Council on the Arts for PROJECT DIVERSITY QUEENS, a project gathering 87 Queens based artists featured in 13 Queens Galleries. Y Gallery is pleased to present “Dusting Off the Pink Glass Swan” a group exhibition that works with issues related to femininity, gender and woman’s stereotypes.

For this show 8 artists present their views about their own experiences with relationships, appearances and how their roles have been incrusted in our society. Most of them propose to modify these categories by changing their bases. For example, Eunah Kim recreates her clothes to give them a new and deeper meaning out of their functional purposes. Susan Springer Anderson creates three beautiful brides dresses made out of utility papers (like coffee filters, tissue paper, and others) to emphasize her view of the ephemeral quality on the idea of being a bride. Norma Markley jokes around with the encounters between women and men with amazing irony, using embroided bath towels with altered massive signs that at first glance, look very safe, but when you read what they say, one develops sentiments of astonishment. Christina Dallas transports you to a very dark wonderland with her collage of dolls in solitude scenarios where fashion, drama and gothic photographs mix.

In another way, Shervone Neckles talks very seriously about African-American woman’s relations. In her own words “within seriousness there is very little room for play, but within play there is tremendous room for seriousness.” Charles Lilly hangs a painting in the gallery titled “Seductive Innocence”, in which a gorgeous woman is sweating. And Josefat Moreno closes the show with a more ethereal presence, a popular Mexican saint made out of papier mache, very light in weight but extremely heavy in iconic value.

Dusting off the pink glass swan combines many techniques and points of view with a humble final purpose to demonstrate us as conceivably woman-ized.

Participant artists: Christina Dallas, Eunah Kim, Hye-Kyung Kim, Charles Lilly, Norma Markley, Josefat Moreno, Shervone Neckles and Susan Springer Anderson.

For further information, please contact Y Gallery at 718.565.6285,,
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