Thursday, September 20, 2007

Time Out New York reports on changing character of JH

Kate Lowenstein reports (for TimeOut New York) on the change of "character" in Jackson Heights in the 'Soul Survivors' section of 'Best Hoods'.

“We’re about to get our first Starbucks,” says Josh Weiss, vice president of the Jackson Heights Beautification Group, an all-volunteer organization striving to preserve the neighborhood. But in this case, the java-serving bellwether of massive development doesn’t point to any condo construction on the horizon: Roughly 36 blocks in the ’hood are designated a historic district, so it’s likely to remain largely unchanged in the coming decades. ...But what about that Starbucks? “There’s an independent coffeeshop called Espresso 77 opening two blocks away,” says Weiss. “And a lot of people are rooting for it.”
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