Saturday, August 04, 2007

Where the Jingling of Change Is the Sound of Unease

By EMILY BRADY for The NYTimes, August 5, 2007

..Sitting on the sidewalk on 37th Avenue in Jackson Heights, Queens, she rattled a plastic yogurt container filled with coins at passers-by.

In the sari shops, gold jewelry stores and curry houses that dot the commercial heart of South Asian Queens, many theories are offered as to where the woman is from. Romania? The former Yugoslavia? Russia? Turkey? No seems to know for sure.

But among business owners, there is consensus on one thing: She is not welcome...

...On Tuesday, the mayor and other top city officials met with local residents at the Jackson Diner, and a member of the merchants group asked the mayor if his administration could address the problem. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly told the crowd the issue would be looked into...
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