Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Gothamist visits Chonghap in JH

At The Ethnic Market: Korean Comfort Food Edition
By Joe DiStefano for Gothamist August 14, 2007

...The other day while strolling around N.Y. Chonghap Market with a summer cold and an upset stomach, we found ourselves standing in front of a display filled with an array of 10-ounce tubs of premade jook. There were several flavors, including vegetable, tuna, even a sweet version with cinnamon and pine nuts. Since our stomach wasn't quite that upset, we went something a wee bit more adventurous, abalone. Fully aware that the jook wouldn't be sufficiently robust to satisfy our palate, nor ward off our illness, we headed down the aisle to the banchan case. We settled on a container filled with garlic-spiked dark green slices of kirby coated in red pepper and sesame seeds, aka oi kimchi. Surely the combination of these two Korean comfort foods would go a long way toward warding off any illness...

[where: Chonghap Market, 72-11 Roosevelt Ave., Jackson Heights]
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