Sunday, July 29, 2007

"Real Simpsons" characters from Jackson Heights

from Time Out New York

Hi-diddly-ho, neig hbor-inos!

Inspired by The Simpsons Movie, Time Out New York rounds up the show’s spiritual New York counterparts, in the flesh.

Jack Hammond, 50, nuclear steam-pipe fitter, Astoria, Queens

Plant life: “I was born and raised in Jackson Heights. I do pipe fitting. You weld. You screw. You bang and boom. I’ve done work all over the place, at Ravenswood, the plant over here in Astoria, and I had cousins and stuff that worked out at Indian Point. But I needed to take some rest, so that’s why I’m at a bar in the middle of the day, if you must know.”

Tejas Shuph, 43, owner, Roosevelt Deli, Jackson Heights, Queens

On life back in India: “I had to go to university to be an accountant. It has helped me run this store—we have so many items and I have to figure out how to make a profit. So I’m not just standing here behind a counter.”
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