Saturday, July 14, 2007

Nostalgia? Or Good Fried Chicken?

by Seth Kugel for Nueva York, July 13, 2007

...Colombian fast food chain Frisby has arrived in Jackson Heights, on Northern Boulevard between 83rd and 84th St. OK, officially, it's on the East Elmhurst side of the street...

...One oddity: the Spanish and English menus offer slightly different items. While in Spanish, you can get a Medio Frisby (4 pieces - $5.95), a Pollo Frisby (8 pieces - $10.95) or a Frisby Familiar (12 pieces $14.95), the English sides offers the additional "Regular Frisby" (2 pieces - $2.95). But it does NOT offer the "postres de fruta natural" ($2.59). Could it be that Frisby perceives English speaking patrons prefer smaller portions and no dessert? (Doubt vote is for carelessness.)...

[where: Frisby 11372]
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