Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mexican Food Discovery: Memelitas

by Joe DiStefano for Gothamist, July 10, 2007

Like many New Yorkers we're huge fans of the cornucopia of Central American and Mexican fare available at the Red Hook ballfields. But we're do you go when you don't feel like trekking to Red Hook? For us Elmhurst and Jackson Heights often fit the bill, particularly because of the specials at the nabe's taquerias.

Gothamist is always psyched to see barbacoa de chivo on the specials board. This sumptuous slow-cooked goat meat is typically served on weekends. The other day when we noticed a sign that listed barbacoa, along with memelitas, outside Taqueria Coatzingo, we immediately headed inside. Our excitement was not sparked by the barbacoa, but rather the memelitas, a Mexican foodstuff we'd never heard of, much less eaten, before...

...All in all they make a perfect base for meat, particularly if you're lucky enough to find slow-cooked goat on the menu...

[where: Taqueria Coatzingo, 40-18 82 St., 718-779-7930]
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