Monday, July 16, 2007

The Beets

Jackson Heights based band The Beets

Impose Magazine excerpt by Nate Dorr:

...once they began playing their classic 60s garage rock I was gripped. Twin guitars beamed rhythmically forward, punctuated by strokes of brush snare and flicking around vocals that seemed perfectly, timelessly at ease in the music. This is a band that seemed to have appeared out of the ground (of Queens, apparently) fully formed without a formative period. After they finished, I approached the lead singer and guitarist. “So what’s your story?” I asked, “That was a great set. Where did you come from?”. Turns out they only formed in March, and have played a total of seven shows together. And yet, already, they have some unmistakable quality of potential. The guy standing next to me was already trying to book them, in fact. Predictions are dangerous so I’ll try to sidestep making one now, but wherever the Beets may go from here, I have a feeling it’ll be worth watching.

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