Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Y Gallery presents 'Talking With My Friends', 62 Artists Inspired by Friendship

Talking with my friends/Hablando con mis amigos
Works by 62 artist
Curated by Cecilia Jurado
June 7th-July 15th 2007
Reception for the artists: Thursday, June 7th 2007, 6-9 pm

Y Gallery and Augusto Yayiko present Talking with my friends/Hablando con mis amigos. Cecilia Jurado, curator of the exhibition summoned 62 friends near and dear to her, in its majority mostly visual artists and writers, to assemble a piece of work about relationships between friends.

The idea originated from the tragic loss of one of Cecilia’s best friend from college. They frequently communicated via messenger (they do not live in the same city). When informed about her death, Cecilia thought about how infrequently death was thought about and anticipated within our expectations of immediate events and how little is known as how to face death. The loss makes one remember our loved ones with much nostalgia, the shared moments and their value in our lives. Such strong emotions inspired Cecilia to curate an exhibition where her friends speak on their friends.The artist were asked to present works with the viridity of which a gift is given to a friend, thinking it as like as intimate as a personal note of complicity. Keeping in mind that their piece will be shown in a gallery but keeping the ambiance of a bathroom wall where one writes their confessions next to other confessions.

Thus the summoned ones that live in different cities in the world sent their works under different means, typically by mail, email, fax, or they personally hand delivered their pieces. Many of them masked or altered their recurring themes and effortlessly adapted in order to participate in the exhibition. We are therefore in the presence of many unique ways of looking at friendship. A tribute, with comments but without pretentiousness that speaks of something so simple and fundamental as friendship. A pleasant raucous that we hope is moving. In memory of Ana Cecilia Campana and Chopy Borea.

Participant artists:
Carlos Ausejo, Jim Avignon, Mariana Bersten, Mark Blezinger, Javier Boné, JuanMa Calderón, David Camacho, Fredi Casco, David Castillo, Regis Cebrián, José Luis Cortés, Richard Dailey, Maricel Delgado, Ana de Orbegoso, Justino del Casar, Magdalena del Mar, Charlotte des Abbayes, Frau Diamanda, Christine D'lzarny, Jeanette Doyle & Alice Maher, Alexis Duque, Claire Frisbie, Jean Foos, Carmela Garcia, Eung Ho Park, Rodrigo H. de L. Hochfaerber, Natalia Iguiñiz, Francisco Jurado, Tomomi Kadsuyama, Verónica Klingenberger, John L. Moore, Garret Linn, Carlos Leon-Xjimenez, Larry Litt, Elliott Lloyd, Mery Lynn McCorkle, Benjamin Maddox, Coco Martin, Neil Martinson, Tania Mattos, Felipe Mendez, Thomas N Pauli, Nuria Net, Urayoán Noel, Dana Ohlmeyer, Daniel Oshigue, Dulce Pinzón, Lina Puerta, Hernan Rincón, Susan Rivas, Claudia Rodriguez, Dirk Rowntree, Aldo Sanchez, Bruno Sanchez, Teresa Saraiva, Amelie Sourget, Reona Ueda, Camila Valdeavellano, James Verdesoto, Ferdinando Verderi, Alejandra Villasmil, Hannah Whitaker, Gabriela Wiener

For further information, please contact Y Gallery at 718.565.6285.
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