Thursday, May 18, 2006

Libraries To Close For 10 Week Renovation

by Jennifer Manley,for Queens Chronicle 05/18/2006

...The Jackson Heights Library will close first, on Friday May 19. When it reopens, it will be equipped with a new rapid self service checkout. Described as a sort of “EZ Pass for the library,” by spokeswoman Joanne King, the new system uses electronic chips embedded in each item, which will allow patrons to simply drop all their books, CDs and magazines on an electronic pad to check them out, without the help of a librarian...

...The Jackson Heights Library will also get aesthetic improvements and a new young adult area. King explained that teenagers—who tend to be noisier than typical library patrons—don’t want to be with the small children and don’t belong with the adults. A new young adult area will allow teenagers more freedom to socialize and talk. The branch will also get 4,400 items added to the book and multimedia collection as well as additional computers.
The planned spring improvements at the Jackson Heights Library are merely a temporary face lift for a branch that has four times the foot traffic of the bustling main library in Flushing. The Queens Library has already raised half the funds needed to construct a new Jackson Heights branch on the existing site in the next few years....
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