Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Marcher: 'I'm Left With Nothing'

By Sarah Ferguson for Village Voice April 11, 2006

...Worried they would be deported like the other Muslims and South Asians being swept up across the country, the Ali family fled to Montreal. They believed the Canadian government would be more receptive to their bid for political asylum. But after three years, the Canadian government punted them back to the U.S.

So now they're in New York, having moved to Jackson Heights, Queens, with the help of the immigrant rights group DRUM, or Desis Rising Up and Moving. (Desi, according to the website, is a term South Asians commonly use to identify their heritage.)

Sadia and her family say going back to Pakistan now would be a death sentence. So would HR 4437, the Border Protection Antiterrorism and Illegal Immigration Control Act, passed by the House, which calls for the mandatory detention and deportation of illegal aliens and imposes criminal penalties on those (like DRUM) who knowingly help them...
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