Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Asian Americans Face Barriers At Seven Local Polling Stations

by Ron Brownlow, Western Queens Editor, Queens Chronicle, November 17, 2005

...Volunteer poll monitors for the legal defense fund and other advocacy groups reported voting rights violations on Election Day at three sites in Flushing, two in Jackson Heights, and one each in Woodside, Sunnyside and East Elmhurst....
...At PS 69 in Jackson Heights, a Bangladeshi-American voter could not find his name in the voter rolls even though he had voted at the same site in 1996, and registered again after poll workers could not find his name during the 2005 primaries and was asked to vote by affidavit ballot. He voted again this year by affidavit ballot. Another Bangladeshi American was asked to provide I.D. even though he had voted before.
At South Ridge Co-ops in Jackson Heights, a Spanish interpreter was available but poll workers did not seek the interpreter’s assistance when a voter needed it....
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