Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Mumbai to Midtown, Chaat Hits the Spot

March 9, 2005 from THe New York Times
...But in the New York region that has finally changed. In Jersey City the Little India strip on Newark Avenue is lined with places for chaats and sweets, while only one restaurant serves the rich curries familiar to most Americans as Indian food. (Indians call those dishes Punjabi, after Punjab, the northern region where they originated.) In Jackson Heights, Queens, signs for new chaat menus flutter from many awnings, reflecting, according to Sanjiv Mody, an owner of Rajbhog Foods, a growing insistence by Indians in America on the authentic foods of home....
… some of the best places to taste chaat...

DELHI PALACE, 37-33 74th Street (37th Avenue), Jackson Heights, Queens, (718) 507-0666.

DIMPLE, 11 West 30th Street, (212) 643-9464; and 35-68 73rd Street (35th Road), Jackson Heights, Queens, (718) 458-8144.

MAHARAJAH, 73-10 37th Avenue (73rd Street), Jackson Heights, Queens, (718) 505-2680.

RAJBHOG, 72-27 37th Avenue (72nd Street), Jackson Heights, Queens, (718) 458-8512, and other locations;
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